What to do in Santiago of Chile?

Last update: 21 of April 2019

Most typical places to know about this city: I will recommend visit the next list of things (I personally recommend more the bold ones). Also, in most of these places you need to be careful with your purse and cell phones, just in case.

  1. Cerro Santa Lucía
  2. Palacio de la Moneda – Museo Palacio de La Moneda (Just downstairs of the building)
  3. Cerro San Cristóbal – (trip in cablecar)
  4. Barrio Bellavista (and the “Chascona”, one of the house of Pablo Neruda. Also here I recommend walk after the house to the “Patio Bellavista” where you can find a lot of good places to eat)
  5. Plaza de Armas de Santiago de Chile
  6. Museo de la Memoria
  7. Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino
  8. Mercado Central
  9. El Costanera Center has a new panoramic view in the last floor.
  10. Museo Violeta Parra

In the next webpage, you can find more details about these places. 

However, I will add three more things that I strongly recommend! :

  1. Viña Concha y Toro: There are visit for the day to get visit this “Viña” really close to the city! You can find here more information here.
  2. Barrio GAM – Museo MAVI – Emporio de la Rosa – Restaurantes – Museo Bellas Artes – Cerro Santa Lucia: This is another bohemian neighbourhood, nice to eat, to visit museum, to take a walk. You can find more information here. 
  3. Pueblo de los Dominicos: It is a handcraft little village that it is in the “Los dominicos” subway (specifically in Apoquindo 9085, Las Condes, Santiago). You can find more information here.

Other (useful) information: 

Where buy books:

  1. Literature: “Liberia Antartica” 
  2. Literature: “Librería Que Leo”
  3. Humanities and social sciences (more specialized): “Metales pesados”. There is one in the “barrio Bellas Artes”, closer to museum and other things to do, so I recommended this one in particulary.
  4. Literature, humanities and social sciences: “TAKK” 

** Valparaiso for a day: Here is a website with a really good description about what to do in Valparaiso on one day. Also in Valparaiso is another of the houses of Pablo Neruda. The third one is in “Isla Negra” another beach. More information here.

Chilean Food:


  1. “Sopaipillas” Sometimes you can found it as a starter in some places to eat, but it is not so common. These are the pumpkin thing that I used to cook.
  2. “Empanadas” (or could be a main plate to depending of the size): The most typical ones are the “Empana de Pino” and “Empanada de queso”
  3. “Pebre”

Main plate:

  1. “Pastel de choclo”
  2. “Ceviche de mariscos”: The best is in any restaurant from the “Mercado”.
  3. “Pastel de Jaivas”: The best is in any restaurant from the “Mercado”.
  4. “Caldillo de congrio”: The best is in any restaurant from the “Mercado”.
  5. “Cazuela”
  6. “Curanto”
  7. “Humitas”
  8. “Crudo”
  9. “Porotos Granados” (in summer) or “Porotos con riendas” (in winter)
  10. “Completo Italiano” or “Hot dog”
  11. “Carne a la parrilla”: “Chilenazo” is a good restaurant for that!
  12. “Arrollado de huazo”
  13. “Chorillana”

Dessert (most of them you can find it in a supermarket or in a “panaderia”):

  1. “Mote con huesillo”: it is sale at the streets of the city centre. It is really good for warm days.
  2. “Dulces chilenos”
  3. “Calzones rotos”
  4. “Papayas al jugo”
  5. “Alfajores”
  6. “Torta de merengue frutilla”
  7. “Torta de mil hojas”
  8. “Torta tres leches”

To drink:

  1. Chilean wine (you can find in every restaurant or place that you go)
  2. “Pisco Sour”