Assistant professor at the Centro de Economía y Políticas Sociales (CEAS), Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Artes, Universidad Mayor, Santiago, Chile.

Researcher at the Millenium Institute for Care Research (MICARE), Santiago, Chile. 

Areas of interest: mixed methods, social network analysis, social gerontology, care, gender and science.

Languages: Spanish and English.

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Current projects

ANID Fondecyt Regular Nº1230437 “Personal networks and social capital of caregiver women.” 

Co-researcher / 2023-2027 

This research aims to study the changes in the personal networks and social capital of female caregivers of a dependent elderly father/mother in Santiago, Chile, and its impact on their subjective well-being and physical and mental health.

You can click here if you'd like to know about this project.

“Care and Social Support Networks of older people in Santiago of Chile" 

Principal Investigator / 2024- 2025

This research aims to comprehend older people's care and social support networks in their daily lives. It looks into gender and age differences and the construct of different ships, emotionalties (friend, advice, among others) within them. 

Recent projects

Care and support networks of older people

Principal investigator / 2022-23

Principal Investigator “Living taking care: exploring social support and caregiving networks from a mixed method approach" sponsored by Millennium Institute for Care Research (MICARE), Santiago, Chile.

Feminism and social sciences in Chile

Co-researcher / 2022-2023

Co-researcher with Denisse Sepúlveda Sánchez, Bárbara Flores, and Manuela Mendoza Horvitz at "Feminismo y ciencias sociales en Chile: voces desde sus participantes". The results are a book, podcast and an article. 

Surviving old age on a Chilean pension

Principal investigator / 2018-21

Principal Investigator “Surviving old age on a Chilean pension: A research about the personal life of ageing using mixed methods (SNA and QCA)”, sponsored by ANID. Research to obtain the PhD degree at the University of Manchester. 

Care and work are differentiated by gender

Co-researcher / 2022-2023

Co-researcher with Bárbara Flores at ”Cuidados y participación laboral: Un análisis diferenciado por género".  

Gender and institutional affiliations in SNA

Co-researcher / 2022-2023

Co-researcher with Alejandro Espinosa-Rada in the project "Gender and researchers with institutional affiliations in the global south/north in social network science". 

Gendered life-course determinants of EWL

Senior researcher / 2022-2024

Principal Investigator Ignacio Cabib Fondecyt Regular “Gendered life-course determinants of extended working life among older people in developing and developed liberal countries”. 


Work in progress. Open Access Book in GitHub.  Editors: Francisca Ortiz Ruiz, Riva Quiroga. 

Editorial CIS Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, Madrid, Spain. Editors: Francisca Ortiz Ruiz, Alejandro Espinosa Rada. 

Book at Open Science Framework (OSF). Editors: Denisse Sepúlveda, Manuela Mendoza, Francisca Ortiz, Bárbara Flores. 

Open Access. Editors: Denisse Sepúlveda, Francisca Ortiz Ruiz. 

Open Access. Editors: Denisse Sepúlveda, Francisca Ortiz Ruiz. 

Editorial Universidad Alberto Hurtado. Editors: Alejandro Espinosa-Rada, Francisca Ortiz Ruiz, Nicolas Sanhueza. 



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